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Measuring wikipedia editor ‘trustwothiness’

… is what this algorhitm from UCSC Wiki Lab (what a magnificient entity!) does. It takes the edits of of an editor from the past 7 years and measures how long the edits have stayed unedited. The longer the better. So it is very similar to the “Puppy Smoothies” idea that suggested the measuring the age of the content.

As important and helpful as all of these tools and ideas for measuring and analysing ‘trustworthiness’ are, I have some doubts. Maybe the most explosive potential of the Wikipedia is (could be!) that it is a FREE encyclopedia, not that it is a trustworthy encyclopedia. Excessive emphasis on trustworthiness & reliability may hinder the radical democratisation and pluralisation of knowledge production that information freedom makes possible.

Well, one more reason to start the hyper-inclusionist fork of Wikipedia! No deletions ever, except for ads and criminal stuff.

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