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Stuff on GPLv3

Lots of stuff happening around GPLv3 these times.

First, Stallman giving the reasons fro migrating from v2 to v3.

On a tangent, but related: Torvalds expressing doubts over Sun’s agenda on OS. He thinks Sun wants developers, drivers, etc. from Linux, without really giving much back, such as, e.g., releasing the ZFS filesystem of OpenSolaris on GPL. (ZFS sounds cool; it seems that it might be an option in Mac Os X Leopard.) Quote:

they’ll talk about it. They not only drool after our drivers, they
drool after all the _people_ who write drivers. They’d love to get
kernel developers from Linux, they see that we have a huge amount of
really talented people. So they want to talk things up, and the more
“open source” they can position themselves, the better.

Sun’s Jonathan Schwartz replying in a conciliatory manner and suggesting an OpenSolaris/Linux mashup.

In the discussion on Schwartz’s blog, Zeno Davatz makes an interesting point:

I got some questions: 1. How can you say, that companies and communities do not compete? That is total Bullshit! Communities and Companies compete more then ever these days. The same as Bloggers compete with the old school media.

My 2 cents: they compete but not necessarily over the same things & from the same perspective. They may compete for developers & expertise, for instance, but not over profit.

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