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Six best guitar solos

In the words of Steve Hogart: “You can take all the boys and the girls in the world/
I wouldn’t trade them this morning for my sweet Ocean Cloud”. In no particular order:

Trevor Rabin, Yes (demo): “Love Conquers All”
– the intro is amazing, the timing perfect, goosebumps every time

Edward Van Halen, Van Halen: “Eruption”
– show-off, sure, but with a positive vibe

Steve Vai, “For the Love of God”
– when he forgets about the microintervals & stuff, and plays …

Steve Rothery, Marillion: “Easter”
– not doing too much, just flying, flying away with the song

Yngwie Malmsteen, “Icaros Dream Suite”
– so what if he only wrote one song; the song is so (over)confident in its musicality and performance that nothing more is needed

Terje Rypdal, “The Return of Per Ulv”
– beautiful and controlled beyond belief

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