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another aspect on yle & windows media

As noted, the public broadcasting company in Finland, YLE, has opened some of its archives – in Windows Media format. This does not sound good from the perspective of open standards, reliability & openness of public information. Another perspective is the effects of a information monoculture. eWeek discusses the issue:

Indeed, three years ago on Sept. 24, Geer penned “CyberInsecurity: The Cost of Monopoly,” a 25-page report he co-authored with a who’s who of computer security experts, including celebrated cryptographer Bruce Schneier and intrusion detection systems specialist Rebecca Bace.
The crux of the report was that software diversity was core to securing the Internet.
The group cautioned that the only way to prevent “massive, cascading failures” was to avoid the Windows monoculture.
“Because Microsoft’s near-monopoly status itself magnifies security risk, it is essential that society become less dependent on a single operating system from a single vendor,” the report said.

Indeed. I wonder what kind of plans YLE has for the time in which MS does not support the format or does not exist, at all. Here is the conclusion on the comparison between the situation three years ago, and now:

# Then “Governments must set an example with their own internal policies and with the regulations they impose on industries critical to their societies. They must confront the security effects of monopoly.”
# Status Little progress. Capitol Hill hearings and studies into “cyber-diversity” haven’t prodded the government to change its reliance on Windows.

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