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P2PF: The Ten Best P2P Books of 2010

Actually, a list of best books in 10 different categories. by Michel Bauwens of the P2P Foundation Here is one of the categories:

* 6.The emergence of a P2P Left

People on the left are critiquing the embeddedness of much of free software and free cultural practice to the dominant modalities of capital accumulation, but doing so by offering constructive alternatives that makes use of the new technological affordances as weapons in the struggle.

6.A. The Telekommunist Manifesto. Dmytri Kleiner. Institute for Network Cultures, 2010

6.B. Wikiworld: Political Economy of Digital Literacy, and the Road from Social to Socialist Media. Juha Suoranta – Tere Vadén.

Special mention go to 2 new studies of digital activism, and Joss Hands’ book will likely be a candidate for our list next year:
– Joss Hands. @ Is For Activism. Pluto Press, 2011
– Digital Activism Decoded, Ed. by Mary Joyce. Idebate Press, 2010

Nice! The whole list is here.

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