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Unfolding the Big Picture

Update 18.10.: the book is now available from Booky. Get yours now!

During the summer the Department of Philosophy in the University of Helsinki published a collection of articles called Unfolding the Big Picture. Essays in Honour of Paavo Pylkkänen. Together with Petteri Limnell, I had the pleaasure of editing this collection that celebrates Paavo’s work and the inspiration he has provided to colleagues and students. He has contributed remarkable insights to philosophy of quantum mechanics and philosophy of mind already during four decades. The essays in the collection deal with the core issues of Paavo’s work: the fundamental questions of the nature of consciousness, the nature of matter, and their relationship.

The list of contributors is impressive, and the essays well worth a look. For your own copy, contact the Department of Philosophy.

Raisa Marjamäki, Juhlaruno Paavo Pylkkäselle
Tuomas E. Tahko, Bohmian Holism
Antti Hautamäki, Aika ja aikatietoisuus
Sami Pihlström, William James’s Pragmatism and ?the Problem of Realism
Jari Palomäki, On Scientifically Unsolvable Problems
Kristjan Loorits, Unmasking Implicit Epiphenomenalism About Consciousness
Ilkka Pättiniemi, The Quest for the Really Real, or What the Philosophy of Mind and the Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics Have in Common
Tarja Kallio-Tamminen, The universe as a hierarchically organized whole in action
Ahti Lampinen, Boundary conditions in the interpretation of quantum mechanics
Jens Allwood, A skeptical defense of skepticism
Maxim Stamenov, The place and functions of consciousness and language in mind’s architecture
Timo Laiho, The Mind-Body Problem Considered as the Constitution of the Sensual Qualities
Stuart Hameroff, Consciousness and Orch OR — Penrose, Bohm, Darwin, Freud and Chomsky
Ari Peuhu, Bohm and Pylkkänen on active information
Basil Hiley, Some Remarks on the Evolution of Bohm’s Proposals for an Alternative to Standard Quantum Mechanics
Gordon Globus, Quantum Monadology
Seppo Luoma-Keturi, Folding digital media
Matti Vaittinen, Ajattelun paikka ei ole ajattelun paikka—Sisäinen näkeminen ei ole sama asia kuin katsominen sisään ‘ulospäin’. J. Krishnamurtin näkemysten tarkastelua henkilöhistorian valossa
Petteri Limnell ja Tere Vadén, Paavon kanssa kohti isoa kuvaa
Stig Stenholm, Knowledge-based quantum formalism

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