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Studying naftology and so on

Dear to-whom-it-may-concern,

together with a couple of friends we have decided to try to organise some sort of seminar or club or reading circle or whatever on a certain set of themes, including those appearing in Antti Salminen’s and my Energia ja kokemus; that is, the experiential relevance of a given energy regime, especially the current fossil capitalism, its geophilosophy, anthropology, geography, mythology and so on. In my mind, we could read both empirical and “sober” research (a la studies on peak oil, the petrodollar, political economy, hunter-gatherers and so on) and more speculative stuff (a la Nick Land) and everything in between. At least for me, the main point is to try to understand how and why the material/spiritual constraints of energy regimes/subsistence activities are revealed/hidden/embedded/forgotten in the lives of the people engaged in those energy regimes/subsistence activities. Read and discuss, that would be the first step, and see if that leads to something else. The first meeting will be on Thu 22.1. in Helsinki, in bar Pullman at the Helsinki Railway station, at 18. If you are interested, let me know, e.g., by e-mail (tere trunk-a

If you have the time, two short texts for the first session:
a sober one:
a speculative one:

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