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Man-Made Cthulhu

pelican ar GOM

Found the picture at the Automatic Earth, with the caption “Please God hold my hand.” Who is the subject of that sentence and to whom is it addressed? Is it so that they have created something so terrible, that the subject of the sentence would like to be comforted by a Supreme Being? I guess that would be the given reading, from the point of view of the Automatic Earth. The eternal wisdom of true humanity apalled and terrified at the latest manifestation of hubris. But how does the question change, if we ask instead: is it so that we have created something so terrible, that we need a new God? With regard to hubris, that would at least take some of the edge off.

However, maybe the authentic dialectical way to read the caption is to see not only ourselves – the subject – in the picture, but also God, the addressee. The subject of the enunciation is speaking directly to the God in the picture.

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