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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Oil, EROEI, capitalism

Now out in CTheory, “Oil and the Regime of Capitalism: Questions to Philosophers of the Future” “What if the hegemony of the West was not, after all, defined by modern natural science and technology, enlightenment and individualism but by a one-time offering of coal, gas and oil?”

… ja uus numero kans

nimittäin niin & näin 2/10 teemana sananvapaus ja sensuuri. Verkossa extramatskuja.

Uusi, uljas

niin & näin -lehden verkkosivut on uusittu ja avattu. Käykää kiinni.

Man-Made Cthulhu

Found the picture at the Automatic Earth, with the caption “Please God hold my hand.” Who is the subject of that sentence and to whom is it addressed? Is it so that they have created something so terrible, that the subject of the sentence would like to be comforted by a Supreme Being? I guess […]