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Open-process journals

An interesting proposal for academic journals, going beyond the Open Access paradigm:

The suggestion is not to open the processes in random ways, but in ways in which this openness — fundamentally based on volunteer participation — brings/enables more structure, more internalized working discipline, more commitment, and more ability to improve cooperation/collaboration with deliberate precision – all with the goal of improving the outcomes. “[…] culture of open processes was essential in enabling the Internet to grow and evolve as spectacularly as it has”, hence, we could call it The Internet Model (software/FS + networking/IETF). Its potential screams for being reused, hacked, for other areas of production. Academia, especially its publishing side, seems to me capable of embracing such volunteer-core open-process cooperation.

The model proposed here brings only few new aspects, mainly those related to the work done in the Open Organizations project. It’s an abstraction, a theoretical development of a model developed for decades in software and networking, and related concepts and practices, especially their open-process part, have been already reused in news production.

Including an awesome one-liner, from John Wilibanks: “Science is already a wiki.” Yes! That’s the spirit.

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