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Kilpailukapitalismi aiheuttaa rikollisuutta

Loistavaa nollatutkimusta! Rikosten, erityisesti henkirikosten, määrä korreloi taloudellisen ideologian kanssa. Uusliberalismi lisää rikollisuutta, sosiaalidemokratia vähentää
(A Tale Of Two Capitalisms: Research Into Homicide Rates And The Link To Political Economies (6 September 2009)):

Senior Lecturers, Dr Steve Hall and Dr Craig McLean, claim in the latest international journal Theoretical Criminology that homicide rates are significantly higher in nations in neo-liberal politics where free market forces are allowed free rein, such as the USA, but are significantly lower in nations governed by social-democratic policies which still characterise most Western European nations.

Ennustavat erityiseti omaisuusrikosten kasvua UK’ssa:

Hall said: “Britain and the US have the worst violent crime rates of the industrialised west – far worse than Western continental Europe – because we have the most competitive, individualist culture and the least developed sense of solidarity and common fate. In addition, consumer culture instils in so many individuals from an early age that their identities are incomplete without the status symbols carried by consumer goods, which of course makes crimes an attractive option for those who simply cannot afford to buy these goods.”

Nollatoleranssi kouluarvosanoille!

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