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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Harvard suossa

Suomen yritysrahamarkkinolle säntäävillä yliopistoilla on hyviä sparraajia. Esimerkiksi Harvardin yliopisto, joka kilpailee samoista globaaleista koulutusmarkkinoista, kuulemma. No, ainakaa vielä leikkauksiin ei ole tarvinnut mennä, vaan “koon uudelleenjärjestelyt” riittävät.

Roman Empire & dynamic modelling

A very interesting essay on Roman Empire by Ugo Bardi: “”Peak Civilization”: The Fall of the Roman Empire” Check also the comments on “night soil”. So the “controlled collapse” is equal to “lower complexity” is equal to “anarchy”, right?

What if?

“Of course, the economy can’t keep falling forever, …” No? It is easy to imagine.

The world’s eighth-largest economy has just gone belly-up There is an unreal, almost dreamlike quality about this moment. Dreadful things are about to happen: Hundreds of thousands of children will lose their healthcare. Five thousand state workers will be laid off. Massive cuts will decimate education at every level. Social services will be slashed. Two hundred and twenty-nine parks, out of a […]