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Pätkä-opettajien käyttö heikentää opiskelutuloksia

Terveisiä yliopistotyönantajalle: osa-aikaisten ja lyhyttyösuhteisten opettajien käyttäminen yliopistoissa heikentää opiskelutuloksia. Kai tämäkin sitten pitää tutkia, kun terve järki ei riitä (Use of Part-Time Instructors Tied to Lower Student Success –

At a time when colleges are under increasing financial pressure to rely more on part-time instructors, three new studies suggest that doing so erodes the quality of education many students receive.

Part-timers’ inability or unwillingness to devote more time to students outside the classroom, the research suggests, results in the denial of important support services to many students — including, often, those who need the most help.

And in a finding that breaks new ground, one of the studies concludes that heavy reliance on part-timers can actually hurt the performance of full-time, tenure-track faculty members. One possible explanation: Full-timers feel less secure at institutions that might replace them with part-time instructors and lecturers, said that study’s author, Paul D. Umbach, an associate professor of adult and higher education at North Carolina State University.

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