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Non-OPEC-12 peak in *2004*

This is huge.

Ace on OilDrum:

Non OPEC-12 oil production peaked in 2004 at 46.8 million barrels/day (mbd) shown in the chart below. This oil definition includes crude oil, lease condensate, oil sands and natural gas plant liquids. If natural gas plant liquids are excluded, then the production peak remains in 2004 but decreases to 42.1 mbd.

Non-OPEC was supposed to save us from the imminent OPEC peak, remember? (And Merrill Lynch assumes that OPEC peaked 2007.)

This should be on every front-page and extra news flash. Just imagine: non OPEC-12 oil production peaked in 2004. So now we know.

This also means that the credit crisis is more of an epiphenomenon when it comes to the current economic collapse.

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