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Revolution or reform debate

Reformers of the copyright system
… or lazy nerds who want everything for free?

Turning artificial scarcity into abundance
… or stealing from the starving artist?

End of creativity
… or the start of a global IPR revolution?

– debate on pirate movement and copyright reformism

Tuesday 21st of October, 18.00-20.00
at KTH Library Building (Osquars backe 31), Stockholm.
Free attendance.


Rickard Falkvinge, Pirate Party
Rasmus Fleischer, Bureau of Piracy
Peter Sunde, Piratebay
Karl Sigfrid, Moderaterna
John Buckman,
Tere Vadén, University of Tampere (chairman)

Organized by Helsinki Institute for Information Technology and VINNOVA Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Communications. In co-operation with Nordic Cultural Commons Conference.

“Where there is a sea, there are pirates.”
– Greek proverb

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