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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Ruotsinlauttoihin purjeet

– Ei kestä montakaan vuotta, kun meille tulee aluksia joissa on pieniä purjeita. Olen nähnyt näistä toimivia malleja, joita tullaan varmasti käyttämään, sanoo Viking Linen toimitusjohtaja Nils-Erik Eklund.

Magpie in a mirror

More from the “science finding out what everybody knew already” section: magpies pass the mirror mark tests, which are taken to indicate that they recognize themselves (YouTube video). Previously, only mammals have passed the test. In Public Library of Science: Biology.

Social media etc.

Another new paper available on the web, “Social media and levels of freedom“, written by myself, Reijo Kupiainen and Juha Suoranta for the DREAM conference in Denmark.

Žižek & Subject

My article “Žižek’s Phenomenology of the Subject” has appeared in the International Journal of Zizek Studies. The journal is open access.

Spiegel interview with IEA head

After rising for months, oil prices are now on the decline. SPIEGEL spoke with the head of the International Energy Agency about the future of oil prices, the growing importance of nuclear power and the quantity of oil left in the world. SPIEGEL: Mr. Tanaka, do you know what your organization predicted the price of […]

Marillion: Whatever is wrong with you

The band Marillion has been using p2p tactics for some time. The new album Happiness is the Road was mainly financed by the fans by pre-ordering the album in a special version: if one made the pre-order before March 2008 one’s name will be included in the album credits. Quite cool. Now they have a […]

Huomenna Akateemisella

puhutaan Kirjojen yössä hetki myös Linkolan ajamanasta, kello 19 (ohjelmanumero on näköjään 667, “the neighbour of the beast”): Tampereen Akateemisen ohjelma torstaina 7.8.2008 KOHTAAMISPAIKALLA 16.30 Päivi Alasalmi: Valkoinen nainen 17.00 Alivaltiosihteeri: Virallisuus sihisi hississä 17.30 Milla Paloniemi: Kiroileva siili 2 18.00 Kati Tervo: Kesäpäiväkirja 18.30 Juho Juntunen: 666 19.00 Tere Vaden: Linkolan ajamana 19.30 Juho […]


2.8.: saattaapi olla jotakin raflaavampaakin: It would appear that the US President has been briefed by Phoenix scientists about the discovery of something more “provocative” than the discovery of water existing on the Martian surface. *** Ahh, scifistin sydäntä lämmittää tämä tieto Marsista: Nasa’s Phoenix lander spacecraft has for the first time identified water in […]