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Self-organisation/Counter-economic strategies

The book is now available as pdf, here:


TEPITO: a barrio of artisans in light of global piracy by Alfonso Hernández

The Right to Mary Sue by Anupam Chander and Madhavi Sunder

The political action of the Landless Workers Movement in Brazil by Bruno Konder Comparato

The architecture of innovation By Lawrence Lessig

Strategies of Transition: Parallelism and Fragmentation in the Western Balkans and the European Union by Marjetica Potrc

Independent media and self-organised culture in the US: Situations and strategies Compiled and edited by
Martha Wallner and Will Bradley

Self Organisation: A short story of a family tree by Mika Hannula

Communities of the Question or Who Wants to Know? by Susan Kelly

Digital promises. The future of information societies and two types of social organisation. by Tere Vadén

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