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Monthly Archives: June 2007

IEA: peak oil closing in

From OilDrum Europe: In a stunning interview for the French daily Le Monde, Fatih Birol, the chief economist of the International Energy Agency (i.e. the intergovernmental body created after the oil shocks of the 70s to coordinate the West’s reaction to energy crises) effectively says that peak oil is just around the corner, and that […]

Debian 4.0 delayed, community issues

UPDATE: In Luis Villa’s blog there is a good entry on the “bounty-problem“, i.e., the question if one gets less effort out of volunteers by paying them. One empirical study concerns parents being late to fetch their children from day care. Installing a system of fines for being late made the situation worse. This is […]

Hmm, I wonder if this works. is a “social software” site that lets people lend money to microcredit institutions that lend the money to local entrepreneurs. The lenders can get info on the entrepreneurs when they give money and also feedback on how everything went. Brings the issues closer, makes it possible to choose […]

Six best guitar solos

In the words of Steve Hogart: “You can take all the boys and the girls in the world/ I wouldn’t trade them this morning for my sweet Ocean Cloud”. In no particular order: Trevor Rabin, Yes (demo): “Love Conquers All” – the intro is amazing, the timing perfect, goosebumps every time Edward Van Halen, Van […]

Stuff on GPLv3

Lots of stuff happening around GPLv3 these times. First, Stallman giving the reasons fro migrating from v2 to v3. On a tangent, but related: Torvalds expressing doubts over Sun’s agenda on OS. He thinks Sun wants developers, drivers, etc. from Linux, without really giving much back, such as, e.g., releasing the ZFS filesystem of OpenSolaris […]

Globus: Quantum Closures

The Indo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology has published my review of Gordon G. Globus’s book Quantum Closures and Disclosures: Thinking-Together Postphenomenology and Quantum Brain Dynamics. This is an interesting book, trying to bring together post-phenomenology and the interpretation of quantum theory, in this case in the form of quantum brain dynamics. The book is very informative, […]

Samaan wikipediaan ei voi astua kahdesti

Hankenilla huhtikuussa pidetyssä Wikipedia-seminaarissa filosofi Timo Kaitaro kertoi, kuinka Ranskassa 1700-luvun puolivälissä Encyclopédie, ou dictionnaire raisonné des sciences, des arts et des métiers-ensyklopediaa koottaessa kierrettiin katolista sensuuria. Artikkeli “Pyhä ehtoollinen” oli siistissä kunnossa, mutta artikkelissa “ihmissyönti” oli lisätietona “ks. myös Pyhä ehtoollinen”. Ristiinviittauksilla saatiin kapinaa ujutettua kokonaisuuteen, vaikka ei yksittäisiin kappaleisiin. Ensyklopedistien tarkoitus oli muuttaa […]

Ötzi and death

New studies published in Journal of Archaeological Science and reported by the BBC, suggest that Ötzi died because an arrow cut one of his arteries, leading to massive blood loss and, finally, a heart-stroke. The cut artery was found in a CT scan, which showed also the route of the arrow. It went through the […]

Amish go solar

The technology use & decisions of the Amish are fascinating. It seems that in some places the Amish are adopting solar electricity on a large scale. Generators and windmills are giving way to solar panels. In Holmes County, Ohio, ca. 80% of the Amish families have solar panels. And when the power grid goes down […]

Heidegger’s GA

The volumes of Heidegger’s Gesamtausgabe look good. The paper is of high quality, typesetting consistent & careful, a well-known publisher – Klostermann – on the job. I never really even thought about the quality of the editions, assuming that everything is tip-top. So it was something of a surprise to notice that Theodore Kisiel has […]