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I know one is supposed to be cynical about these megabands getting together in their old days to make some bucks and remember the old times… Can’t do it now. Billboard, MTV and the rest are reporting that David Lee Roth is back in Van Halen for a tour of 40 dates later in the year. Believe it when you see it. Still, this is great! Would be even better if Michael Anthony would be back, too, but it appears that Wolfie is really going to replace him.

It ain’t Van Halen without Diamond Dave, and it almost isn’t Van Halen without Michael Anthony, either. Having seen Van Hagar and DLR Band once, I can’t wait for the international tour. Or the new songs, if they are anything like Me Wise Magic. David needs an extraordinarily talented guitarist to push him, Vai and Becker could do that, and EVH is guaranteed to push.
And I hope Dave finishes his “The Tao of Dave” book!

— the barn burned down, now i can see the moon —

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