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Petition: EU should stream video for Linux

As seen on Slashdot & BoingBoing:

The streaming video from the Council of the EU is only available in proprietary formats for Windows and Mac OS, with no support for GNU/Linux. The Council offers this baffling explanation for this sad state of affairs:

The live streaming media service of the Council of the European Union can be viewed on Microsoft Windows and Macintosh platforms. We cannot support Linux in a legal way. So the answer is: No support for Linux.

This is quite simply wrong. What’s worse is that the Council requires that its citizens buy American software — Windows or Mac OS — in order to tune into the business of the European government, paying a tax to a foreign power to participate in their own government.

There are plenty of non-proprietary video choices for the EU that are perfectly legal. This is the height of bad government, and the Council needs to be stopped.

Sign the petition and demand it.

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