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Re-ethnicizing minds

Alright, I’m not a neutral observer, but I stilll think that Re-ethinicizing the minds? edited by Thorsten Botz and Jürgen Hengelbrock is an interesting book. I’m looking forward to reading it all.

Here is a portion of the description: “The predominance and global expansion of homogenizing modes of production, consumption and information risks alienating non-Western and Western people alike from the intellectual and moral resources embedded in their own distinctive cultural traditions. In reaction to the erosion of traditional cultures and civilizations, we seem to be witnessing the re-emergence of a tendency to “re-ethnicize the mind” through renewed and more or less systematic cultural revivals worldwide (e.g., “hinduization,” “ivoirization,” “sinofication,” “nipponification,” “islamicization,” “indigenization,” “russification,” “gallicization,” etc.). How do and should philosophers understand and assess the significance and impact of this phenomenon?”

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